Find the happiness in your life

First of all watch this video…it gives some background into happiness.

Being happy can change not only you, but everyone around you. Being happy is a form a beauty. One that can influence the relationships you choose to be a part of. If you are happy those people will start to notice this sense of beauty you are capable of. You ย  must achieve happiness to develop, and ultimately feel beautiful. Happiness boosts your confidence level. Feeling happy can be as simple as being grateful, working hard to achieve success, and finding the little pleasures in life (ex. chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚ . Being happy is one of the most important values people should strive for in today’s society. This is because we are constantly surrounded by negative thoughts, news, and situations. Think about yourself-imagine yourself feeling happy almost all the time-what are the beneficial results you see for your future? I know the list for myself is endless. And there are situations where my happiness will be tested…but I must persevere. If you persevere life will start to brighten and finding your beauty will be easier.

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